About Us

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Personalized Approach

Homeland Lighting Solutions is a US based exporter of lighting solutions to Africa for commercial, residential, industrial, educational and specialty lighting applications throughout Africa.


We are a forward-thinking lighting solutions provider to the continent of Africa with innovative, high quality and the most energy efficient lighting products by world leading brands of luminaires and lighting controls products to meet our customers’ varying needs.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Homeland Lighting Solutions works with our Africa based affiliate company Sovereign Lighting Solutions to provide design, installation, and maintenance services to ensure exceptional customer experience.

Homeland Lighting Solutions goes beyond the traditional lighting offering practices in Africa by seeking an in-depth understanding of lighting design requirements and constraints. We work with our Africa based affiliate to assimilate design requirements and constraints and develop a lighting solution that will:

  • Enhance the overall design intent and ensure uniform illumination

  • Enhance efficiency and reduce end-user energy cost

  • Maintain the long-term product quality and performance

  • Exceed our customers every expectation and ensure exceptional customer experience